Latest Project Updates (general information follows):

With the results of extensive community input from the June design demonstration and other engagement, we are have a community preferred design for Colfax & Federal. 

This comes at a critical juncture in the project, with committed City funding and a new long-term redesign option for consideration based on previous community input. The City and CDOT have begiu to evaluate project feasibility with $500,000 in the 2019 City budget. With that momentum, we’ve reached out at meetings and online with this presentation of priorities and design options linked here and the results of the surveys here.   Federal West is the clear community preference for the redesign.  Based on the survey results we’ve also updated priorities for the intersection The goal is for these key priorities to serve as touch points throughout the planning and development of the Cloverleaf. Ultimately, a final design and implementation should reflect and achieve these priorities. The concept illustrated below is an example of how these priorities might be integrated within a redesign.

You can also check out this nice Denverite article on the recent Over the Colfax Clover meeting and plans.

We will be back with the final results of the City’s study of project feasibility. Also, look for upcoming opportunities to work with us to further develop community priorities for the project, such as strategies for inclusivity and housing affordability. Finally, look to join us to plan a potential event on the Federal bridge over Colfax.

June Design Demonstration 

The Denver Post and Next City covered our June 3rd design demonstration, highlighting that this might be the first effort in the USA to shut down an interchange to showcase potential re-designs. We had great food, great music, and great discussions about the cloverleaf. Thanks to all the fantastic volunteers who helped us pull this off!

View the video from the day-of!


Project Description:

The current Colfax and Federal Boulevard Interchange consists of a large, grade-separated “cloverleaf” design. The 29 acre interchange uses a large amount of land to move vehicles through on and off ramps. This design creates dangerous conditions for pedestrians and cyclists, who must deal with high-speed traffic, unsafe crossings, and difficult-to-navigate connection points. In its current design the cloverleaf also poses challenges for drivers, with awkward wayfinding for some ramps.

Over the Colfax Clover brings together community members, local technical experts and jurisdictional stakeholders to develop short- and long-term design solutions for an intersection that is safer and easier to navigate for all users.  At a series of design charrettes, engineers, urban planners, developers and agency officials explored potential re-designs and land re-uses based on community priorities– a rare opportunity for industry experts and government agencies to efficiently workshop a critical equity issue.  Based on these results, a newly formed community active living coalition developed a design demonstration of potential short- and long term re-designs and re-uses planned.  At the same time the urban planning/engineering firm has developed visualizations of recommended re-configurations for community assessment.

Over the Colfax Clover Brochure & Timeline:

Proposed long-term design options:


February, 2019 project presentation with draft community preferences and long-term designs options here.

Key Outcomes:

Community priorities are reflected in these video interviews, in our City as Play exercise shown on this video, and summarized here:


Project Team: West Colfax Business Improvement District, WalkDenver, Critter Thompson Consulting and Michael Baker International.

Key Partners: Denver Housing Authority/West Denver Renaissance Initiative, Denver Environmental Health, Del Norte NDC, the Federal Boulevard Partnership, Denver Public Library, local schools and RNOS,  Denver Public Works, CDOT and RTD.  This multi-year project is funded through Kaiser Permanente.



For more information please contact: Dan Shah, West Colfax Business Improvement District at or 303-623-3232.