The WCBID has received just under $350,000 in Federal Funds to design and install improvements to the pedestrian environment and transit experience in West Colfax.  By installing art bus shelters, wayfinding signage and other improvements, this project will leverage new investments like light rail and the public library and knit them together with the district and neighborhood amenities. The project was described in a recent Denver Post article.

The design team on the project, Hyperform Design, developed this presentation that outlines our strategy and the tools available to improve the walking environment and transit experience.  The presentation provided the basis for a rich input from business and community stakeholders in a March public meeting.  Since then, based on their study of existing conditions and input from the WCBID and stakholders, the design team has developed a preliminary mobility master plan (shown above), wayfinding signage design, and an approach to art bus shelters.  We have also convened a stakeholder group to serve as an Art Selection Committee and advise on the process and considerations in selecting artists to improve bus shelters on West Colfax.