Improvement Projects in the District

To achieve its mission of revitalizing West Colfax, WCBID has undertaken to recast West Colfax as Denver’s sustainable Main Street by making Colfax more multi-modal, pedestrian-friendly, and energy efficient. Sustainability projects include changes to the roadway to calm traffic and buffer pedestrians, streetscaping with solar pedestrian lights, and providing resources and incentives for energy efficiency improvements. The goal of these street and property investments is to make West Colfax more pedestrian friendly, transform the curb appeal of key retail locations, attract stronger, neighborhood serving retailers and their workers, and encourage others to make similar green investments in their property and businesses. All of these, together with the new light rail line, will unify West Colfax’s image around sustainable living and help create a thriving Main Street.

The improvement projects below are just one way we’re shaping West Colfax. Development and public art projects improve appeal and liveability and are critical to the District’s growth.

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