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BID wins $15,050 Federal Grant for Lake Steam Baths Renewable Project

By March 14, 2012News

When the BID and owner of the Lake Steam Baths were exploring ways to go green and save monthly operating costs, the idea of installing solar thermal heating quickly rose to the top.  But solar is expensive and financing the installation became critical to moving forward with this renewable energy project.   The BID found a US Treasury program providing grant funds for renewable energy projects, such as solar and wind farms through Section 1603 of the IRC, and determined that the proposed solar thermal installation at the Steam Baths was indeed eligible for the grant (along with a state rebate).  The BID helped Lake apply  for funds in 2011,  which the owner Hannon Hymen recently received. Hannon is delighted that the funding came through, . . . and with his new solar heating system.

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