Support Local Businesses & Stay Safe

Here are some ideas on how

The local businesses that make West Colfax a great place now face major challenges, as are we all in coping with the corona virus crisis. We encourage you to consider remember these small businesses even if you can’t visit them. Here are some ideas for how you can do your part to keep them around for the duration while also keeping our West Colfax community safe.

  • Order takeout or delivery and tip the same amount as you would dining in.
  • Help a neighbor + shop local. If your neighbors, friends, or family are in high-risk groups and need more isolation, offer to pick things up for them from local businesses rather than relying solely on online shopping from major corporations.
  • Shop online or via phone. Many of our businesses have online shopping available; our local and independent shops will help you get what you need via phone, Facetime, or other methods, if necessary.
  • Buy gift cards. You’ll be able to enjoy them later while supporting small businesses now, when they need it most.
  • Give your favorite biz a shout-out. It doesn’t cost a thing to give kudos to your favorite local businesses via social media, Yelp, or Google Reviews. It’s an incredibly difficult time for small business owners, and every bit of visibility and amplification helps.
  • Let us know about businesses that can use some extra support. We’re here to amplify, encourage, and connect independent businesses in need to consumers who care (
  • Share this post and information widely so others know how to help.
  • Stay safe!

The West Colfax Business Improvement District (BID) promotes business expansion, investment and development and sponsors improvements to the ROW to recast West Colfax Avenue as Denver’s sustainable Main Street. The BID offers its members and the neighborhood high impact programs and initiatives to stimulate commercial corridor and neighborhood revitalization.


The West Colfax Business Improvement District seeks to revitalize West Colfax Avenue as Denver’s sustainable Main Street.

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Sustainability holds the key to revitalizing neighborhoods, and the West Colfax BID is innovating ways to take advantage of this new type of development.

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There’s a lot of new development happening on West Colfax, and more being planned all the time. Stay updated on what’s happening next!

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West Denver Library

This brightly-colored neighborhood
landmark LEED-certified project at
Colfax & Irving on Mile High Vista is a hit
with the neighborhood and includes a Bold
Beans, a social enterprise cafe from Girls, Inc.!


Prismatic and
Wayfinding Signs

Prismatic bus shelters and Wayfinding Signs projects work together to establish a new visual identity for W Colfax as a transit and walk- and bike-friendly district. Pulling on Colfax’s auto culture, the signs celebrate mid-century car designs while the shelters are framed by sculpted steel columns that suggest a 21st century revision of 1950s airstream camper style.


Re-imagine West Colfax

Re-imagine West Colfax was a one-day event to demonstrate how West Colfax could function as a more bicycle and pedestrian friendly corridor, with the goal of laying the groundwork for more permanent changes to West Colfax to support healthy living and a strong retail environmental.


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