The BID is invested in a range of sustainability initiatives aimed at transforming West Colfax Avenue to “Denver’s Sustainable Main Street”. Through GreenFAX and related programs, we have reduced energy consumption and greenhouse emissions on the corridor and saved district businesses money, while also inspiring builders and the neighborhood organization to develop their own sustainability goals. The BID achieved these results through Main Street energy efficiency improvements, infrastructure planning and the use of renewable energy in new building projects, including the BID’s current streetscape improvements.

Through programs directly benefiting 26 district businesses to date these projects account for:

Through a process of carefully targeting businesses and ensuring implementation follow-through with trusted contractors, the BID has successfully demonstrated energy efficiency improvements and carbon emission reductions are possible to achieve in small businesses.

Our sustainability objectives extend further to include promoting walkability and renewable energy. To transform West Colfax to a multi-modal transit corridor, the BID successfully advocated that bond funding for improving West Colfax be directed to adding permanent on-street parking. This and other R-O-W improvements have calmed traffic for a more pedestrian-friendly atmosphere, ready for Light Rail in 2013.  Renewable projects, from the BID’s solar lighting to nearly $500,000 kWhs of planed and installed solar panels in district buildings and mixed-use projects, add another vital sustainable element to the transformation occurring on West Colfax.

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