St Anthony Hospital Site Redevelopment Well Underway

Sloans Lake South

16th Street Plaza Rendering

Enviro Finance Group’s plans for the redevelopment of St Anthony’s into Sloan Lake South have advanced at a steady clip in 2013.  As anyone from the area can attest, its location on Sloans Lake has a lot to do with this progress, that now includes preliminary approval of financing tools and a proposed general development plan.

EFG has also proven an excellent neighbor (and member of the business district), drawing heavily on the 2007 recommendations from the community-led St Anthony Central Task Force for its site planning.   This has lead many, including the Denver Post, to project that the  Task Force’s goals for the redevelopment to”spur [a] West Colfax renaissance” will be realized.

A number of uses for the site have already been announced (at least tentatively), including a boutique hotel by Larimer Associates, as well as commitments for continued health care services to the neighborhood.   Stay tuned for more announcements.   Meanwhile, more information on the Sloans Lake South project is available here.


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