Prismatic Shelters by Emmett Culligan Now on Colfax!

New Wayfinding Signs

Reflect Googie Influence!
W Colfax BID Wayfinding Signage

Bus Shelters by local artist Emmett Culligan are now installed on West Colfax.   Prismatic, with inflated steel columns inspired by the airstream, are in seven colors of the spectrum reflecting the diversity of the area, and are Colfax’s first artist designed bus shelters.   The shelter project also reflects unprecedented collaboration with RTD, which has agreed to undertake day to day maintenance of these WCBID owned shelters (and the generous support of Denver’s Office of Economic Development).

The project also includes wayfinding signs, shown below, that reflect the rich  history of mid-century “Googie” signage on Colfax.

Together with bicycle signage also being installed throughout the neighborhood, and monument signs at the gateways to the district, these signs form a “wayfinding system” that is designed to comprehensively connect pedestrians and bicyclists to neighborhood assets. Together with the bus shelters, these directional signs and enhanced transit amenities support WCBID’s efforts to encourage pedestrian and bike transport in West Colfax and create a more healthy, dynamic and  interactive community culture that will support local businesses. Come and check out our new look!

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