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Our new wayfinding app is available to preview!  This wayfinding app promotes pedestrian mobility by mapping and documenting places in West Colfax, including the business district, neighborhood assets, transportation context and history, both with information and images.

By using mobile technology combined with a comprehensive neighborhood wayfinding signage system, we are able to highlight the rich history of the area encourage exploration of the community, and link the neighborhood to the new light rail (each of the stops are a destination on the new mobile app). Users are prompted by QR codes on physical signs to pull out their smartphones and access an intuitive, location based guide to what’s nearby. This mobile tool gives citizens and visitors instant access to local treasures that are within walking distance.

The map will soon be accessible to the broad demographic of smart phone users, but you can try it now here.

This app supports the core goal of our wayfinding campaign, encouraging a pedestrian culture in West Colfax, by opening up the neighborhood for walkable discovery. Recognizing the prevalence of mobile devices, and also the space constraints of physical signs, we decided to leverage our soon-to-be installed wayfinding system by including a tool that would provide a far richer map, with robust information and images.

And what innovative project would be complete without crowdsourcing?  The public is encouraged to submit their own local spots that are missing from the map, while a rating and commenting system allows the most relevant information to rise to the top.  Check it out and add your input!

Bicycle, Aerial and More Maps


Also: bicycle circulation map with existing and proposed protected bike routes.

To acquaint you with West Colfax, the West Colfax Aerial and Zoning Map allows users to view the entire neighborhood or zoom into parcels and contains a zoning overlay accurate as of October, 2007.

The City’s Mapping Service provides accurate and up-to-date zone designation by address.

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