Improvement Projects

Artist Selected for Bus Shelter Project

Adding artist-designed bus shelters to West Colfax Ave is the cornerstone of WCBID’s current mobility enhancement project.  Together with wayfinding signage, these shelters are intended to both create a distinctive identity for the district and improve the transit environment.    We are delighted to preview the preliminary design for the shelters, known as Prismatic by …

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WCBID Opens Call for Artists: Art Bus Shelters

Artist designed Bus Shelters are a centerpiece of our current mobility project.  WCBID is currently soliciting interest from artists for art bus shelters at the locations shown in this image through a Call for Artists.  Please help us get the word out before the deadline to respond of June 28th!

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Mobility Project to Improve Pedestrian and Transit Environment

The WCBID has received just under $350,000 in Federal Funds to design and install improvements to the pedestrian environment and transit experience in West Colfax.  By installing art bus shelters, wayfinding signage and other improvements, this project will leverage new investments like light rail and the public library and knit them together with the district …

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New Façade Improvement Grants Available

Changes Large and Small Underway on Colfax DENVER, CO ­— Thursday, Feb.11, 2013 — Denver businesses on East and West Colfax Avenue will be getting new coats of paint, windows and exterior lighting with grant support from The Fax Partnership and West Colfax Business Improvement District in 2013. The Denver Office of Economic Development (OED) …

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Transit Stop Enhancement

A key recommendation of the Streetscape Master Plan, the BID has begun an on-going effort to improve existing bus shelters on West Colfax with artwork and sustainable lighting upgrades.   Recently completed upgrades include the solar pedestrian lights sighted in proximity to bus stops and a mural backdrop for a bus stop.   We plan to make …

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On-street Parking

On-street Parking and $1.2M Bond Funding The BID’s efforts to add dedicated On-Street Parking to West Colfax Avenue appears to be succeeding, with crucial support from the neighborhood and City of Denver Public Works Department. Supported by a diverse cross-section of neighborhood residents, organizations and West Colfax property owners, the BID’s on-street parking proposal is …

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West Colfax Avenue Green: Streetscape

Project and Master Plan The BID believes that building its image as green corridor is vital to attracting new residents and businesses to West Colfax, and increase sales for owners. West Colfax Green Pilot: Streetscape brings $346,600 in Federal funds won by the BID to add solar pedestrian lights, trees, and sustainable public art at …

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