Main Street Zoning

Q: What are the basic requirements and characteristics of Main Street zoning?

A: Main Street Zoning Fact Sheet provides an overview.
Permitted uses described in detail.

Q: Are parking requirements reduced for Main Street zoning?
A: Yes. They are significantly lower than with other types of zoning, as low as 1:500 for commercial uses and from 1:1 to 1:1/4 for residential uses. Details of Parking under MS Zoning.

Q: What is my property’s zoning classification?

A: The City’s Mapping Service provides accurate and up-to-date zone designation by address. An Aerial Map of the neighborhood also includes a zoning overlay.

Q: How will the city-wide re-zoning affect Main Street properties?

A: The Colfax corridor’s Main Street designations will be revised into new categories as part of the city-wide rezoning now in process. However, with very few exceptions, it does not appear that this will have any affect on properties with a Main Street zone designation. The main difference will the names of the Main Street categories so that the number at the end of the designation refers to the number of stories allowed:
MS-1 is now U-MS-3 }
MS-2 is now U-MS-5 } [stories]
MS-3 is now C-MS-8 }

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