Curious about the impact of transit on development and neighborhood opportunities? You will find excellent resources from national experts at the Center for Transit Oriented Development at their website

Look for:
Capturing the Value of Transit (especially the section on Transit and Development Opportunities)
Making the Case for Mixed-Income TOD in Denver (courtesy of Enterprise Community Foundation).

For a neighborhood specific perspective on TOD, the West Colfax Partnership commissioned Van Meter Pollach to prepare the West Colfax Neighborhood TOD Plan in order to develop bulk plane, zoning and other recommendations that will promote TOD near Westline station stops (large format/available on request from BID).

From Streetcars to Light Rail on West Colfax

From Streetcars to Light Rail on West Colfax—West Colfax was originally connected to central Denver by streetcar–the viaduct came later in the early 1900's. That is how people traveled to Elitches on Sloans Lake, for example. The new light rail re-establishes this important connection and the ease of commuting from West Colfax. The image below was taken in 1947 in front of 4500 W Colfax.

5280 Magazine Names West Colfax an “Up-and-Comer” Neighborhood

Reflecting the TOD potential of West Colfax, 5280 magazine described West Colfax as an “up and comer” neighborhood. The realtors they interviewed predicted it will soon become a real estate hotspot.  Perched on a hill, the section of the neighborhood south of Colfax avenue overlooks downtown and boasts an impressive number of beautiful Tudors, bungalows, and raised ranches. Most homes rest on 6,250-square-foot lots, and prices are 30 percent to 60 percent less than Sloan Lake and Highland. The West Corridor Light Rail has begun construction along the adjacent Lakewood Gulch (basically 12th Avenue), with stops planned at Perry Street and Sheridan. The new main-street zoning on West Colfax and more than 30 acres of catalytic redevelopment sites (including the St. Anthony’s Central hospital) poise this area for an urban-neighborhood renaissance.
Except from “Where to Buy (Even) Now”, Lindsey B. Koehler, 5280, May 2008 (emphasis added).



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